PBA: Newsome not even thinking about Ginebra-Meralco part 4

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PBA: Newsome not even thinking about Ginebra-Meralco part 4

Ginebra vs. Meralco in the PBA Governors' Cup looks to be the premier matchup in the league over the last couple of seasons.

But after the Bolts lost another title to the Gin Kings, they'll lick their wounds first before even starting to think about a possible fourth meeting in the Finals.

"Honestly, that's three conferences away so that's kind of way down the line," Bolts forward Chris Newsome said on Ginebra-Meralco part 4 in the Governors's Cup.

"The only thing I can really focus on is what’s coming up next and for us, that’s All-Filipino. If it happens that we do get to the Finals, whether it’s All-Filipino, Commissioner’s or Governors’, whoever the matchup, whoever the opponent is, I’m going to focus on them," he added.

Meralco is 0-3 to Ginebra in the Governors' Cup Finals after losing the 2019 series in five games.

The Bolts also lost in 2016 in six games and lost the 2017 Finals in seven.

Naturally, Meralco is still quite hungry for a title but Newsome says they might have to take on a different team if they ever make the Finals again as some sort of a palate cleanser first.

"Right now I’m 0-3 so we’ll see. I might have to get my first championship against someone else and then try to take on Ginebra again," Newsome said.

"Other than that, going for a 4-peat with Ginebra, that will come if it comes, that will happen if it happens," he added.

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