Championship: Denice Zamboanga surprised to get title shot against ‘idol’ Angela Lee

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Championship: Denice Zamboanga surprised to get title shot against 'idol' Angela Lee

Immediately after her unanimous decision win over Yamaguchi, ONE Chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodtong gave “The Menace Fairtex” the ticket to battle the longtime atomweight queen sometime this year.

That news actually left her floored.

“Angela Lee is my idol. I was not really expecting that I’ll face her soon. Right now, I’ll have to prepare for that fight for sure,” Zamboanga said.

“I am really happy, even though I only fought twice here in ONE Championship, Chatri already gave me the opportunity to fight with the champion in this division.

“I really want to thank Chatri for giving me this opportunity. I’m thankful that he believes I deserve this fight even though I haven’t fought much here. It’s really a big opportunity.”

With a performance like that, there is no question Zamboanga deserves the World Title shot.

Before they squared-off at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Yamaguchi came in with a four-match winning streak, making her the hottest athlete in the division aside from the reigning World Champion.

But the Fairtex gym representative was just on a different level in this match, showing excellent grappling defense while peppering “V.V” with strikes when they were on the feet.

“I am so happy to show my striking in this fight. It’s something that I believe I failed to show against Jihin,” Zamboanga said.

“My hydration and preparation for this match was also a lot better, before I felt like I struggled with it. I think my recovery was short but in this one, I felt like 100-percent and I was confident to show everything that I worked for.”

With her World Title match sealed, except for a date and a venue, Zamboanga is hopeful that it takes place at ONE: Infinity 2, which will happen at the Mall Of Asia Arena on 29 May.

“Of course, I would be so happy if I fought in my own country. It will be the first time I’ll compete in Manila and I’d love to join Brandon Vera in the card.”

The world’s best strikers converge at the Phu Tho Indoor Stadium, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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